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Dryer-Custom 70" Wide Amjo I-R Dryer 350 Fpm
  • Dryer-Custom 70" Wide Amjo I-R Dryer 350 Fpm

Dryer-Custom 70" Wide Amjo I-R Dryer 350 Fpm

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Equipped With:
One (1) used 70" wide AMJO combination short wave infra-red and hot air oven. Designed to mount vertically and capable of removing moisture from 3-layers of 10 pt paper laminated together at a speed of up to 350 FPM. Consists of the following:

(1)5' Oven cabinet, fully insulated with ceramic fiber insulation with internally mounted lamp heads, fresh air fans and (2) exhaust fans
(2)Short wave lamp head assemblies with short wave instant on/off lamps in each lamp head. (54) Lamps in the oven. (4) Hot air bars and getting the moisture in suspension up off of the web to aid in the drying process.
(1)Retraction system built into the cabinet that will allow the automatic doors on the front of the oven to open and move the 2-lamp heads away from the web when the press is stopped. The lamps will go off so the web will not be harmed. When the pres is re-started the doors will close and the lamps will turn on and move back into position automatically
(1)Raytek sensor with Watlow mounted on the end of the oven
(1)SCR 250 Amp SCT power controller
(2)1200 CFM high volume pressure blowers
(3)1200 CFM high volume pressure blowers to supply air to the ambient air bars, the lamp hot air bars and cooling the wire boxes
(1)860 CFM high volume pressure blower to remove excess heat and moisture from the oven cabinet.
·Programmable controller with console with Allen Bradley touch screen console.
·Power requirements are 480 volts, 250 Amps
Information is up-to-date: 21.06.2017

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